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Irene Victoria is a Toronto based small business owner and graphic designer specializing in brand identities, web and print. I understand the power of story telling and approach each project with a process centred around identifying your unique qualities to develop communication plans and pieces for your creative small business or special event.


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Everyone has a special set of qualities that come together to tell a unique story. My job is to tell your story through thoughtfully picked colours, patterns and type, and a creatively designed logo, blog and website in a way that connects with your audience. We’ll work together to create a beautiful representation of who you are and develop an inspired plan to tell that story through everything you do.


Web + Blog Design

Your website is a chance to put your brand on display and inspire your audience with your story. Whether it’s a simple landing page, online store front or web directory, I’ll take care of it. You’ll have a website that not only functions beautifully, but is also designed with a clean modern aesthetic to reflect your visual identity. I design on platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace, which means moving forward, you’ll be able to login from any computer and update your content. Not comfortable with these systems? Don’t worry, I’ll provide a complementary one-on-one training session and a basic user manual for you and your team. 

Print + Digital Publishing

There are certain occasions where there is no match for a perfectly designed print piece. Whether you need business cards, invitations, event signage or a special thank you card, we’ll work together to design something truly inspiring that captures your unique story. If print doesn’t suit your communication goals, a digital flipbook might be what you’re looking for. Just leave me to design and I’ll take care of everything from layout to colour to typography to create that special lookbook, newsletter or small magazine. When your happy with the design, you’ll have a beautifully designed flipbook that can be linked, embedded or emailed.

Facebook Page Design

The new Facebook timeline offers even more ways to customize your business or fan page than ever before. We’ll discuss what communication goals you’re trying to achieve and I’ll recommend a plan to make sure your page stands out. I’ll capture your brand with a beautifully designed timeline banner and custom tabs for your pages. What are custom tabs? Custom tabs are embedded Facebook web pages that appear just beside your profile picture. Custom tabs mean your visitors can browse your website, read your blog, fill out your contact form, sign up for an email list or donate to your cause, all without leaving your Facebook page. 

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Hello there. My name is Irene and I’m a graphic designer + communications professional living and working in Toronto. From a very young age I was inspired by art of all forms. Growing up, drawing was my passion and piano was my sport (no really, I competed and everything). I spent five years studying the ins and outs of business at the University of Waterloo, putting my coloured pens to good use as I designed

my economics notes in infographic fashion. Soon after, I moved to Toronto (what would be my new home) to complete a Master’s degree in Communications and Design. This city stole my heart the day I arrived. I’m inspired by everything each neighbourhood has to offer and I can shamelessly give you a list of every great café in the city from the east to the west end. My design philosophy is to create with purpose

and create nothing more. There is beauty in simplicity and every communication piece from a website to an invitation should function effortlessly and be inspired by a unique story. When I’m not creating, you’ll find me on a patio or relaxing in the park. I enjoy discussing everything design. If you’re interested in working together, bouncing ideas or just simply want to say hello, I’d love to hear from you.

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Moodboard: Cool + Minimal


The moodboard above is a reject from a branding project I’m currently working on. Although the project took a different creative direction, I kept coming back to this board. Ive been rethinking my brand and how I might apply it to a few personal projects I have in the works and then it struck me—this feeling right here, this is it. Cool muted tones paired with modern typography, minimal design and natural elements, this is it.

It’s amazing to see how my style has evolved over the past few year. Part of what makes a great designer is their ability to pick up on the nuances of different design genres, jump between design styles depending on a client’s business objectives, and create really great things that work out in the wild. With that said, it’s also really easy to get lost in your appreciation for many design styles which can leave you wondering: how do I define my personal aesthetic and do I even have one? With all the visual stimulation we’re exposed to on Instagram, Pinterest and elsewhere—talk about inspiration overload—it’s not uncommon to feel a little lost once and a while especially when you’re trying to grow a body of work that reflects you and the projects you want to attract. That’s not to say it’s all black and white. Your style can most certainly be fluid and evolve as you grow and experiment. It’s a process and you only get there by doing.

Sometimes after a few great projects and some pretty amazing clients an aesthetic/style/feeling just sticks with you and you can’t wait to build something that is just so you. Just maybe that’s where I am.

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