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Hello there. My name is Irene and I’m a graphic designer + communications professional living and working in Toronto. From a very young age I was inspired by art of all forms. Growing up, drawing was my passion and piano was my sport (no really, I competed and everything). I spent five years studying the ins and outs of business at the University of Waterloo, putting my coloured pens to good use as I designed

my economics notes in infographic fashion. Soon after, I moved to Toronto (what would be my new home) to complete a Master’s degree in Communications and Design. This city stole my heart the day I arrived. I’m inspired by everything each neighbourhood has to offer and I can shamelessly give you a list of every great café in the city from the east to the west end. My design philosophy is to create with purpose

and create nothing more. There is beauty in simplicity and every communication piece from a website to an invitation should function effortlessly and be inspired by a unique story. When I’m not creating, you’ll find me on a patio or relaxing in the park. I enjoy discussing everything design. If you’re interested in working together, bouncing ideas or just simply want to say hello, I’d love to hear from you.