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Colour Love : 07


I’ve been a little quiet and under the weather lately. Just a couple weeks ago I found out I was anemic (right before my iron levels hit dangerously low levels…yikes). I’ve started to change my diet, take supplements and work on getting my energy levels back. My doctor recommended that I drink less coffee (as caffeine tends to leach iron out of the body—who knew!). Now, this is NO easy task for me. I spend many of my days in downtown cafés and live for a good cup of espresso.  As I figure out how I’m going to cut down on my dear friend java, I can’t help but drool over these gorgeous photographs. I pulled them as inspiration for a branding project I’m working on (hint hint coffee is involved) and thought they’d make a great colour love post. Cool neutrals are so calming on my tired eyes.

If any one has suffered from anemia, I’d love to hear how you’re coping. I’ll take any advice (and recipes) I can get!

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Colour Love : 06


I’m slowly going through a rebranding process for my business. It really is a process and I’m slowly giving my blog, print materials and website a bit of a facelift. It hasn’t stopped with the design and aesthetic though. Once I started thinking about the type of “feeling” I wanted my brand to have, I realized that this feeling is also reflected by my business documents and design process, which I’m refining too (I’ll be sharing more about my process and documents soon).

Every design process starts off with a little inspiration and for some reason this image and colour palette speaks to me. Cool yet earthy neutrals + nature-inspired imagery is definitely part of the “feeling”. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words, but in this industry, sometimes you don’t have to!