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Moodboard: Cool + Minimal


The moodboard above is a reject from a branding project I’m currently working on. Although the project took a different creative direction, I kept coming back to this board. Ive been rethinking my brand and how I might apply it to a few personal projects I have in the works and then it struck me—this feeling right here, this is it. Cool muted tones paired with modern typography, minimal design and natural elements, this is it.

It’s amazing to see how my style has evolved over the past few year. Part of what makes a great designer is their ability to pick up on the nuances of different design genres, jump between design styles depending on a client’s business objectives, and create really great things that work out in the wild. With that said, it’s also really easy to get lost in your appreciation for many design styles which can leave you wondering: how do I define my personal aesthetic and do I even have one? With all the visual stimulation we’re exposed to on Instagram, Pinterest and elsewhere—talk about inspiration overload—it’s not uncommon to feel a little lost once and a while especially when you’re trying to grow a body of work that reflects you and the projects you want to attract. That’s not to say it’s all black and white. Your style can most certainly be fluid and evolve as you grow and experiment. It’s a process and you only get there by doing.

Sometimes after a few great projects and some pretty amazing clients an aesthetic/style/feeling just sticks with you and you can’t wait to build something that is just so you. Just maybe that’s where I am.

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Colour Love : 06


I’m slowly going through a rebranding process for my business. It really is a process and I’m slowly giving my blog, print materials and website a bit of a facelift. It hasn’t stopped with the design and aesthetic though. Once I started thinking about the type of “feeling” I wanted my brand to have, I realized that this feeling is also reflected by my business documents and design process, which I’m refining too (I’ll be sharing more about my process and documents soon).

Every design process starts off with a little inspiration and for some reason this image and colour palette speaks to me. Cool yet earthy neutrals + nature-inspired imagery is definitely part of the “feeling”. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words, but in this industry, sometimes you don’t have to!


Play it : My Monday Mood


I’m really picky about the music I work to. Somehow it has to match the style of project I’m working on (if that makes any sense). I’m always looking for relaxing yet upbeat tunes to keep me going throughout the day. So, if you have tracks that put you in a creative mood, feel free pass them along either in the comments below or by contacting me right here. With that said, I thought I’d share my Monday morning playlist on 8tracks.


This Moment : 01


When I started freelancing full time I decided I was going to journal the ups and downs of my creative life. Now and then some of my favourite bloggers will share what they’re up to with a “currently” post, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too. And what better time to start this column than just after new years when I’m naturally reflecting on the past year and preparing for some new projects. So here it goes!

Loving washi tape and minimalist prints. I recently spruced up my work area with a few new prints, photographs and postcards. I started using colourful washi tape to hang my prints and I love the idea of easily switching up artwork and photographs to match my mood.

Planning on cooking at home more often. After the holidays and a subsequent takeout bender I’m really looking forward to preparing some healthy eats at home and trying a few new recipes from my favourite cookbook.

Thinking about where I want to take my business. I recently started jotting down some goals and putting together a three year plan with all the nitty gritty details to make it happen. Sounds scary but I find when you realize you can have it all (just not all RIGHT now) your goals seem that much more attainable.

Working on a collection of modern prints (think photography meets illustration with a geometric twist) for a petite online store I’ll be launching some time this year. That’s all I can say for now!

Preparing for a potential move! My boyfriend Jordan and I just received notice that our building will be completely gutted and renovated this year, which means we will probably have to find a new spot. Although I’m a little stressed, I’m going to make best of the situation and have fun getting to know a few new neighbourhoods in preparation for an apartment hunt.

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Link Love : Gift Ideas


Now that Halloween is over, I can’t help but start to think about the winter holidays (too soon?). I’m always searching for fun gift ideas that don’t break the bank and I recently came across Colorado company Artifact Uprising. The service, designed with Instagram in mind, prints beautiful books displaying your pics of choice. I love the calendar prints too! You can browse their website here. It’s pretty beautiful.


Design Inspiration : Layered Font Love


I’m currently working on a new typographic inspired web/branding project so I’ve been looking to layered font types for inspiration. I’ve come across some great fun artistic fonts for download. These trusted little font packs come with lots of stylistic variations (2D and 3D effects, shadows, light cuts, bold cuts and patterns etc.), which means adding font effects is super easy with so many combinations to choose from. I’ve pulled together my favourite font picks in today’s post. You can follow the links below to download for yourself. If you have a favourite layered font, or have developed your own, please share below or send me a note here. I’d love to take a look!

link love:
Yorker  //  Frontage  //  Core Circus  //  Trend  //  Canter