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Launched : Think Canada Organic


I’m so excited to share this just launched web project for the Canada Organic sector.  The Think Before You Eat campaign is part of a national brand strategy to promote Canadian organic products. It’s a call to action for consumers, farmers, food manufacturers, retailers, chefs, communities—everyone and anyone who deals with food—to think before you eat and choose organic.

The campaign soft launched last summer and I was approached in the Fall to design the website. Since the campaign, logo and overall messaging already existed when I was brought on board, it was my job to come up with a  web strategy, then build out the design. I’ve designed organization websites and even event webpages before, but this was my first campaign. We had to really think strategically about what the purpose of the website would be and how we would use it to leverage the overall goals of the sector.

After writing the basic web strategy, I created this moodboard then designed the pages before moving on to the coding. A LOT of time went into photography selection, making sure each photo looked as if it was taken by the same photographer. Part of art direction is making sure all the pieces are pulled together in a seamless way to tell a story.

The website features beautiful rustic photography, farmer profiles, infographics and most importantly delicious recipes! If you’re like me and you are always thinking about the food you’re buying, I really encourage you to submit a recipe of your own to the campaign. I have a few recipes that are inspired by organic goods that I can’t wait to send in. Overall, this contract was a perfect combination of communication strategy and design. I could honestly write a whole blog series on the strategy that went into this project. It was so fun to work with this group and to be part of a great cause. My initial sketches have changed slightly since the launch but you can take a peak below. You can also visit the website here.


Design Process : Woodmark Identity



Thought I’d share some work I’m doing for a new brand. Can’t say too much but I am able to share a little process work. If you follow me on Pinterest you know I’m pretty obsessed with designs that mix photography, different styles of illustration and texture. I’m using a vintage landscape sketch, taken from Dictionnaire encyclopédique Trousset, also known as the Trousset encyclopedia, Paris, 1886 – 1891.

If you love vintage sketches as much as I do, make sure you bookmark Old Book Illustrations. There are some amazing vintage floral drawings that I’m absolutely in love with. Most of the sketches are public domain and free to use for commercial or personal use. Just make sure you read the copyright for each image. There are lots of sites out there that make these beautiful drawings available to the public, but this one is just one of my favourite. That’s all for now!



Design Process : Yoga and Living Food Studio Identity


I’m excited to share some process work for J and V Studio. Jan and Veeke (J&V) came to me looking for a simple and clean brand to match their contemporary style. J&V is a yoga studio that provides raw food classes + meditation workshops and retreats (sounds absolutely wonderful doesn’t it?). This client is a dream to work with and definitely shares my love of modern design. To start the process we went through one of my in-depth branding questionnaires and then came up with a list of words and icons that represented their luxury brand. To keep things simple, line drawings paired with modern fonts and loose tracking were used throughout the concepts. In the end we chose to go with the top left mark (my personal favourite). Because of its simplicity it will make building out the brand (website, cards, social media, you name it) a breeze. I’ll be sure to share more soon. Oh, and don’t be confused with my last project with J & V Farms—they’re different businesses!