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Design Process : J&V Farms Identity


I’ve been pretty excited about sharing this project for awhile now.  A good friend of mine wrote me about reworking her farm’s mark.  We experimented with completely new styles, as well as fresh takes on their old look. In the end we actually ended up reworking their old mark by incorporating a hand-drawn line sketch of their farm. We kept the drawing nice and simple. Too much detail and it might be hard to use on smaller pieces such as business cards and clothing. The final mark is just being finalized now and I’ll be sure to share the final product soon.  What your seeing here is some of the early stages of my process. Some concepts made it to the client for revisions and others were just a result of me experimenting and having fun.  The top left is totally my style. I’m a big fan of square logos because they work so well across platforms, which is a huge help when it comes to building out the brand.

Masters Research Poster


So the day is finally here. I’m presenting my thesis tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. The past year has been a real roller coaster ride. Starting my own business while studying as a full time graduate student may have been a bit ambitious but looking back, I’m really proud of how much I accomplished. I can’t think of a better way to build your confidence and realize your own strength than to push yourself to your limits.

I’m so proud of my classmates (a truly brilliant group of people). Those long days and all nighters were all worth it.

I’m sharing with you all the poster that will accompany my thesis paper. Although it isn’t being marked, it was fun to experiment with different textures, shapes and photography. The layout was inspired by a poster designed by Aaron Eiland. I thought it might be fun, and somewhat unconventional, to turn a very modern layout into an academic poster. You can check out this artist’s work right here.

Design Process: Organic Week


I’m so excited to share a new web project today! I had such a great time working on the design and layout for Organic Week’s website. There was so much involved with the project, from strategy and navigation planning, to copy writing and editing, illustration drawing, colour selection etc. What a great experience!

The goal of the website was to create a modern, fun and clean design to engage and inspire organic advocates and enthusiasts across the country. A lot of thought went into photo selection and how to mix these photos with illustration drawings. Icons are used throughout the site to help break up information and create a pleasant visitor experience.

I’d love to hear your thoughts (leave a comment!). Check out the layout below or visit the site here.

Happy designing.






Design Process : Free My Grapes Infographic


You can check out a recent print ad I did for FreeMyGrapes—a volunteer based, non-profit established by Canadian wine lovers. All artwork is original and was designed to reflect the organization’s visual identity. We actually started off with a more text heavy ad, which evolved into an infographic. I think we created something that’s quite versatile here and something that can be used in other communications moving forward. Your goal as a freelance designer is always to fill a communication need and maximize the value of your work for your client. In this case, an infographic representation of my client’s key messages has additional value because various elements of the ad can be published and modified for other informational communication purposes.

I think it’s important to ask your client where else they may publish the artwork. Maybe they want to feature the ad on their blog, website, or modify the art work for other print pieces, reports etc. Your client may have some ideas or maybe they haven’t thought about it yet. It’s important to ask these questions because your medium and associated target audience will impact your design strategy.

If you’re charging a flat rate for the design, you may want to include any modified designs for other platforms at an hourly rate. I like to start by having an initial conversation about the primary communication medium, target audience and key messages, and then work through additional options from there.