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Moodboard : Vintage Feminine


This is probably one of my favourite moodboard to date. Something about the subtle rustic vibe and feminine touches make it so perfect for spring. If I could have it my way, I’d redecorate my bedroom tomorrow using this palette. Aren’t the colours lovely? I’m pretty excited to start crafting this brand for a VERY talented entrepreneur and business strategist. She is building an impressive business and I am so humbled to be part of her journey. Before starting, I had my client complete a little homework. My questionnaire covers everything from the business’ primary and secondary target audience, how the final brand will be used (web/print etc.), competitors and differentiators and words that best describe the brand. The client and I also discuss inspiration and aesthetic, which is where the moodboard comes in. For this project, we’d like to incorporate subtle vintage elements. I actually put together two moodboards to try and pin point the brand.  We could take vintage touches in a lot of different directions from rustic to retro and masculine to feminine, which is why the moodboard is so helpful in getting that feel just right.  I can’t wait to share more!

Moodboard : Natural Elements

moodboard-natural-inspiredI’m excited to share some process work for a new web project. I’m in LOVE with the natural inspired photography, flat icons and blocked layout, all of which are important design elements of project. I’ve been heavily involved in the overall communication strategy and content writing side of project too, which I’m thrilled about. The site is going to feature lots interactive features and social media integration, so stay tuned. This particular contract has a bit of a shorter timeline than I’m used to, so you’ll be able to see the finished work in just a few weeks.

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