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Moodboard: Cool + Minimal


The moodboard above is a reject from a branding project I’m currently working on. Although the project took a different creative direction, I kept coming back to this board. Ive been rethinking my brand and how I might apply it to a few personal projects I have in the works and then it struck me—this feeling right here, this is it. Cool muted tones paired with modern typography, minimal design and natural elements, this is it.

It’s amazing to see how my style has evolved over the past few year. Part of what makes a great designer is their ability to pick up on the nuances of different design genres, jump between design styles depending on a client’s business objectives, and create really great things that work out in the wild. With that said, it’s also really easy to get lost in your appreciation for many design styles which can leave you wondering: how do I define my personal aesthetic and do I even have one? With all the visual stimulation we’re exposed to on Instagram, Pinterest and elsewhere—talk about inspiration overload—it’s not uncommon to feel a little lost once and a while especially when you’re trying to grow a body of work that reflects you and the projects you want to attract. That’s not to say it’s all black and white. Your style can most certainly be fluid and evolve as you grow and experiment. It’s a process and you only get there by doing.

Sometimes after a few great projects and some pretty amazing clients an aesthetic/style/feeling just sticks with you and you can’t wait to build something that is just so you. Just maybe that’s where I am.

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Moodboard : Natural Elements

moodboard-natural-inspiredI’m excited to share some process work for a new web project. I’m in LOVE with the natural inspired photography, flat icons and blocked layout, all of which are important design elements of project. I’ve been heavily involved in the overall communication strategy and content writing side of project too, which I’m thrilled about. The site is going to feature lots interactive features and social media integration, so stay tuned. This particular contract has a bit of a shorter timeline than I’m used to, so you’ll be able to see the finished work in just a few weeks.

soup bowls  /  wondersause design   /  tree landscape  /  block layout  /  farmers market kitchen  /  tomatoes  /  icons  /  eggs

Design Resources : See it + Use it



Awesome Colour Picker and WhatFont are two of my favourite design resources. These tools (actually Chrome extensions) let you identify which fonts and colours your favourite web pages are using.  If you’re like me, before you begin designing a web project you’re searching your favourite sites, blogs and Pinterest for inspiration, which makes these trusted extensions pretty helpful for putting together colour and type combinations. Feel free to try it out here and here.

Monday Inspiration : Masculine Design


I decided to start my week of right with a little design inspiration. I’m loving earthy, darker autumn hues right now. I’m also loving masculine, almost vintage inspired design even more.  I’m completely inspired by the work of Norway graphic designer, Jorgen Grotdal. Talk about owning a style. This sixteen year-old is truly a pro. I could spend hours just soaking in his portfolio. Have a look here.  Enjoy!


Moodboard : Leathers and Feathers


I’m so excited to share an inspiration board for a new branding project! Although I can’t share the client or the final product yet, I wanted to post a bit of my early design process, which usually starts with pulling images to get a better sense of the look-and-feel for the brand.  Between the bohemian aesthetic, muted colour palette and eclectic patterns, I’m so completely in love with this look. Gathering inspiration is probably my favourite part of the design process. It’s that early step where you start to get excited about the work to come. It’s kind of like listening to your favourite playlist before going out for the night.

One more little piece of news…I’ve received a few emails asking for Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks, so I thought I’d start posting mini tutorials on the blog (stay tuned). If you have an idea for a tutorial, or have an inspiration image that you’d like me to help you recreate, post the link below or send me an email here.

Happy designing!

Images: green shirt   //  leather hand bag (Old Trend)   //  bohemian hand bag (Old Trend)  //  girl with feathers   //   black & white feathers  //  turquoise feather pattern  //   Michelle Gardella logo