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Prints & Things : Movember Wallpaper


It’s that time of year again where we get to see some pretty fantastic moustaches and do some great things for charity. In the spirit of Movember I’ve put together a couple of prints for the Mo-bro and Mo-bro supporter. There are two colours options. To download just click the colour of your choice (light or dark) then hit your menu button > set as wallpaper. Enjoy!

Light here   //   Dark here 




Wallpaper : Slow Down


Mondays are hard so I’m uploading a new print to dress up your phone. I always struggle with letting myself take breaks and enjoying those free moments between projects (I think a lot of people do). The inspiration for today’s artwork is about finding balance—work hard at what you love so you can truly enjoy those quiet moments when they find you. I’m trying to take a moment every day to slow down, process the day and let my mind wander by searching Pinterest or reading my favourite blogs here.  In creative fields, taking the time to be inspired is often equally as productive as the work that stems from it. So enjoy it! (I’ll try too.)

Download your print here.




Prints -&- Things : Be Creative


I just finished two design contracts today—one advertisement and one infographic spread in a Canadian magazine.  I’m so excited to see the final creative in print! (I’ll post an update when this happens.) Feeling happy about the work and a little tired today, I decided to reward myself with some free drawing time. The result—a new print for the blog. There is something very soothing about playing with geometric shapes and symmetry. Once you get started, the design starts to take on a life of its own.

The background photo was taken by talented photographer Paul Jarvis.

You can also grab the design as your desktop wallpaper below. Enjoy!

Download : desktop wallpaper