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When I started freelancing full time I decided I was going to journal the ups and downs of my creative life. Now and then some of my favourite bloggers will share what they’re up to with a “currently” post, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too. And what better time to start this column than just after new years when I’m naturally reflecting on the past year and preparing for some new projects. So here it goes!

Loving washi tape and minimalist prints. I recently spruced up my work area with a few new prints, photographs and postcards. I started using colourful washi tape to hang my prints and I love the idea of easily switching up artwork and photographs to match my mood.

Planning on cooking at home more often. After the holidays and a subsequent takeout bender I’m really looking forward to preparing some healthy eats at home and trying a few new recipes from my favourite cookbook.

Thinking about where I want to take my business. I recently started jotting down some goals and putting together a three year plan with all the nitty gritty details to make it happen. Sounds scary but I find when you realize you can have it all (just not all RIGHT now) your goals seem that much more attainable.

Working on a collection of modern prints (think photography meets illustration with a geometric twist) for a petite online store I’ll be launching some time this year. That’s all I can say for now!

Preparing for a potential move! My boyfriend Jordan and I just received notice that our building will be completely gutted and renovated this year, which means we will probably have to find a new spot. Although I’m a little stressed, I’m going to make best of the situation and have fun getting to know a few new neighbourhoods in preparation for an apartment hunt.

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