Design Class 02 : Subtle Transparent Textures


I’ve been working on more strategic, non-design focused documents the past few days (contracts, communication strategies, media kits for clients etc.) and thought I’d open up Photoshop and play. The result, another simple five step tutorial for YOU.  For this tutorial I’m sharing my favourite photoshop texture brushes and how to use them to create transparent or “knock-out” texture. By that I mean, the texture applied erases some of the element to reveal the background behind it. Textures are fun and when used tastefully can add personality to your designs.

Before you get started, download some (the best part) FREE brushes. There are lots out there, but my favourite packs are by Maleika E. A, Chris Spooner, and Caleb Kimbrough. Once you download + unzip, open up Photoshop and follow the simple steps below.


That’s it! Of course, you can use the brushes to add colour too. To do this just use the brush tool instead of the eraser.  If you’ve come across other texture packs that you’re particularly fond of, or have even created your own, leave some love + your link below.


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