Design Class 03 : Creating Depth


When I’m having a creative block on a design assignment (which happens more than I’d like) I like to take a break and put together prints and collages. Although a lot of the designs I create don’t make it online or anywhere else for that matter, I still find the process helpful. There is something really freeing about designing just for yourself. It’s a great way to grow as a creative, explore your style and practice techniques that you may not get to use everyday.

I created this print a few weeks ago and thought it might make a good design class post. I’m playing with a lot of different techniques here, using pattern treatments, clipping masks and manipulating vintage illustrations. Today, I’m covering a short tutorial on layering text + images to create the illusion of depth in your designs. There are actually quite a few ways you can do this. ¬†However, for my example I’m going to go over a quick and easy way using the Photoshop lasso tool in 5 steps.

For the print above, I already went ahead and removed the background from my graphics using the background eraser tool (shortcut “e”) and a photoshop layer mask.


I used harsh angles on my cut out selection because I like the graphic effect but you could easily cut out nice curves too. Overall, quick and pretty painless.


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    5 months ago

    Hello! I really like these! I was trying to find some ways to stop my blocks too, or to help thinking differently, and I will definitely try the collage method! Thank you for sharing :)

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    5 months ago

    Thanks, Lucie! You should definitely give it a try. It always helps me when I have a block…which happens way more than I’d like it to :)

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    Nikki Mobini

    2 months ago

    HI Love the work and aesthetic. Please let me know your price. We currently own two business and have a need
    for a creative hand. I need a project portfolio designed. Let me know.

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