Brunch Makes Everything Better


Today’s inspiration board is inspired by brunch, because you know, brunch makes everything better. I’ve been slowly redecorating my petite apartment around my favourite meal of the day, so I put together a bit of a want list here for brunch entertaining. I just purchased the kitchen cart (no. 2) from target and I absolutely love it! Perfect for small spaces and for entertaining (it has wheels!). All the items are linked below!

1) wooden bowls / 2) kitchen cart / 3) pitcher / 4) linen napkins / 5) cork and glass vase / 6) ceramic tea pot / 7) jasmine tea / 8) cheese knife set  / 9) tea cup / 10) serving board / 11) mason jar
Inspiration photo

Colour Love 01 : Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer

I find a lot of of my colour inspiration from beautiful photography. You can pull so many different colours from photos that the combinations are endless. When creating a palette grab your inspiration photo and try to pull like colours. I went for more muted tones here. You could have just as easily grabbed the brighter hues and used more pink, orange and cream undertones. It’s important to grab lighter and darker shades, as well as an accent colour for your palette. For this palette I’m using the rusty pink as my accent and paired it with different neutrals that don’t necessarily match but go. Anyways, happy designing!

Inspiration Photo 

Freebie : Not All Who Wander Are Lost

fb-not all who wander

I’ve been experimenting a lot with geometric shapes and typography lately so I thought I’d share a few of my more recent prints. The font is a variation on Code Light. I edited the font in illustrator by playing with the weighting and the shapes of some of the letters. Just a few changes and it looks like a new font! Two designs for you today. Take your pick and choose your device!

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (Desktop)


Download:  DESKTOP  /  iPAD  /  iPHONE  /  iPHONE5

Not All Who Wander Are Lost_iphone(1)


Download: iPHONE / iPHONE5