Design Class 03 : Creating Depth


When I’m having a creative block on a design assignment (which happens more than I’d like) I like to take a break and put together prints and collages. Although a lot of the designs I create don’t make it online or anywhere else for that matter, I still find the process helpful. There is something really freeing about designing just for yourself. It’s a great way to grow as a creative, explore your style and practice techniques that you may not get to use everyday.

I created this print a few weeks ago and thought it might make a good design class post. I’m playing with a lot of different techniques here, using pattern treatments, clipping masks and manipulating vintage illustrations. Today, I’m covering a short tutorial on layering text + images to create the illusion of depth in your designs. There are actually quite a few ways you can do this.  However, for my example I’m going to go over a quick and easy way using the Photoshop lasso tool in 5 steps.

For the print above, I already went ahead and removed the background from my graphics using the background eraser tool (shortcut “e”) and a photoshop layer mask.


I used harsh angles on my cut out selection because I like the graphic effect but you could easily cut out nice curves too. Overall, quick and pretty painless.

Want List : Spring Update


It’s been a while since I posted a want list but with spring just around the corner I’m getting excited to refresh my closet and apartment with a few new pieces. I tend to feel a little underwhelmed by my closet/home between seasons. So, this year I decided to overcome my pre-season rut with a few pick-me-up purchases.

I‘m loving this peach vegan “leather” bag from Matt and Natt. If you’re looking for a cruelty-free sustainable accessories, I’d bookmark this Montreal based shop. Their brand is completely vegan and all their bags are lined with material made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Pretty awesome!

I’ve also been on the hunt for some new storage pieces and love the idea of investing in a few woven baskets. The large basket above is from Connect Fair Trade, and although I tend to gravitate toward neutral colours this shop has some BEAUTIFUL bright baskets too, perfect for spring.  Lastly, I find fresh plants around the house do wonders for my mood during the late months of winter. I’ve been visiting my local floral shop regularly, decorating my apartment with fresh cut flowers, succulents and larger house plants. It may be cold and dreary outside, but it sure feels like spring here at home. You can shop my picks below.

tank  /  skirt  /  jean shirt  /  bracelet  /  necklace  /  bag  /  terrarium  /  succulent planter  / shoes  /  patterned planter  /  pink + blue clay mask  /  woven basket

Colour Love : 06


I’m slowly going through a rebranding process for my business. It really is a process and I’m slowly giving my blog, print materials and website a bit of a facelift. It hasn’t stopped with the design and aesthetic though. Once I started thinking about the type of “feeling” I wanted my brand to have, I realized that this feeling is also reflected by my business documents and design process, which I’m refining too (I’ll be sharing more about my process and documents soon).

Every design process starts off with a little inspiration and for some reason this image and colour palette speaks to me. Cool yet earthy neutrals + nature-inspired imagery is definitely part of the “feeling”. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words, but in this industry, sometimes you don’t have to!


Design Process : Woodmark Identity



Thought I’d share some work I’m doing for a new brand. Can’t say too much but I am able to share a little process work. If you follow me on Pinterest you know I’m pretty obsessed with designs that mix photography, different styles of illustration and texture. I’m using a vintage landscape sketch, taken from Dictionnaire encyclopédique Trousset, also known as the Trousset encyclopedia, Paris, 1886 – 1891.

If you love vintage sketches as much as I do, make sure you bookmark Old Book Illustrations. There are some amazing vintage floral drawings that I’m absolutely in love with. Most of the sketches are public domain and free to use for commercial or personal use. Just make sure you read the copyright for each image. There are lots of sites out there that make these beautiful drawings available to the public, but this one is just one of my favourite. That’s all for now!



Design Process : Yoga and Living Food Studio Identity


I’m excited to share some process work for J and V Studio. Jan and Veeke (J&V) came to me looking for a simple and clean brand to match their contemporary style. J&V is a yoga studio that provides raw food classes + meditation workshops and retreats (sounds absolutely wonderful doesn’t it?). This client is a dream to work with and definitely shares my love of modern design. To start the process we went through one of my in-depth branding questionnaires and then came up with a list of words and icons that represented their luxury brand. To keep things simple, line drawings paired with modern fonts and loose tracking were used throughout the concepts. In the end we chose to go with the top left mark (my personal favourite). Because of its simplicity it will make building out the brand (website, cards, social media, you name it) a breeze. I’ll be sure to share more soon. Oh, and don’t be confused with my last project with J & V Farms—they’re different businesses!

Play it : My Monday Mood


I’m really picky about the music I work to. Somehow it has to match the style of project I’m working on (if that makes any sense). I’m always looking for relaxing yet upbeat tunes to keep me going throughout the day. So, if you have tracks that put you in a creative mood, feel free pass them along either in the comments below or by contacting me right here. With that said, I thought I’d share my Monday morning playlist on 8tracks.