Moodboard : Leathers and Feathers


I’m so excited to share an inspiration board for a new branding project! Although I can’t share the client or the final product yet, I wanted to post a bit of my early design process, which usually starts with pulling images to get a better sense of the look-and-feel for the brand.  Between the bohemian aesthetic, muted colour palette and eclectic patterns, I’m so completely in love with this look. Gathering inspiration is probably my favourite part of the design process. It’s that early step where you start to get excited about the work to come. It’s kind of like listening to your favourite playlist before going out for the night.

One more little piece of news…I’ve received a few emails asking for Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks, so I thought I’d start posting mini tutorials on the blog (stay tuned). If you have an idea for a tutorial, or have an inspiration image that you’d like me to help you recreate, post the link below or send me an email here.

Happy designing!

Images: green shirt   //  leather hand bag (Old Trend)   //  bohemian hand bag (Old Trend)  //  girl with feathers   //   black & white feathers  //  turquoise feather pattern  //   Michelle Gardella logo    

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