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Favourite Free Fonts : 05

favourite free fontsHere’s a round up of some of my favourite web fonts for download. Most of these are google fonts (free!) and easy to integrate into your website/blog.

The trick to combining typefaces is to choose contrasting fonts with a similar mood. Contrast is key —you can keep it simple with bold + light weight fonts within the same family or serif + sans-serif options with a similar mood. It’s always a good idea to pair fonts with some sort of shape relationship, although I break this rule sometimes. Remember, it’s an art not a science ;)

I’ve linked some of my favourites below. Enjoy!

1. Zona Pro Bold + Zona Pro Thin  /  2. Varela + Tienne  /  3. Homemade apple + Josefin Sans  /  4. PT Sans Narrow + Merriweather  /  5. Playfair Display + Muli