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Design Process : Free My Grapes Infographic


You can check out a recent print ad I did for FreeMyGrapes—a volunteer based, non-profit established by Canadian wine lovers. All artwork is original and was designed to reflect the organization’s visual identity. We actually started off with a more text heavy ad, which evolved into an infographic. I think we created something that’s quite versatile here and something that can be used in other communications moving forward. Your goal as a freelance designer is always to fill a communication need and maximize the value of your work for your client. In this case, an infographic representation of my client’s key messages has additional value because various elements of the ad can be published and modified for other informational communication purposes.

I think it’s important to ask your client where else they may publish the artwork. Maybe they want to feature the ad on their blog, website, or modify the art work for other print pieces, reports etc. Your client may have some ideas or maybe they haven’t thought about it yet. It’s important to ask these questions because your medium and associated target audience will impact your design strategy.

If you’re charging a flat rate for the design, you may want to include any modified designs for other platforms at an hourly rate. I like to start by having an initial conversation about the primary communication medium, target audience and key messages, and then work through additional options from there.

Prints -&- Things : Be Creative


I just finished two design contracts today—one advertisement and one infographic spread in a Canadian magazine.  I’m so excited to see the final creative in print! (I’ll post an update when this happens.) Feeling happy about the work and a little tired today, I decided to reward myself with some free drawing time. The result—a new print for the blog. There is something very soothing about playing with geometric shapes and symmetry. Once you get started, the design starts to take on a life of its own.

The background photo was taken by talented photographer Paul Jarvis.

You can also grab the design as your desktop wallpaper below. Enjoy!

Download : desktop wallpaper

Freebie : Not All Who Wander Are Lost

fb-not all who wander

I’ve been experimenting a lot with geometric shapes and typography lately so I thought I’d share a few of my more recent prints. The font is a variation on Code Light. I edited the font in illustrator by playing with the weighting and the shapes of some of the letters. Just a few changes and it looks like a new font! Two designs for you today. Take your pick and choose your device!

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (Desktop)


Download:  DESKTOP  /  iPAD  /  iPHONE  /  iPHONE5

Not All Who Wander Are Lost_iphone(1)


Download: iPHONE / iPHONE5