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Colour Love 02 : Summer Nights

summer nights

I’m working on the colour scheme for a new and exciting branding project (more process work coming soon!) and my client and I were really inspired by this photo from When I start a more sophisticated branding project I like to create a private Pinterest board to pin all my inspiration photos, logos and illustrations. I use the pin board to draft up a more polished moodboard to present to my client. For this particular project I shared the pin board with my client so they could contribute their own inspiration elements. For the more hands-on client this is a great way to start the brainstorming process but it’s not always the best approach (I think you need to get a feel for the level of creative involvement your client is comfortable with).

From there I develop the brand presentation—a one page (8.5″x14″) design that neatly showcases all the elements of the small business’s visual identity. This is the recipe I use to design the website, blog, business cards etc. Things I always include in the brand presentation:

  1. colour palette
  2. logos and logo variations
  3. brand elements (this may include identifiable icons, unique social media images etc.
  4. patterns and textures and how they may be used

Happy designing!




Colour Love 01 : Taste of Summer

Taste of Summer

I find a lot of of my colour inspiration from beautiful photography. You can pull so many different colours from photos that the combinations are endless. When creating a palette grab your inspiration photo and try to pull like colours. I went for more muted tones here. You could have just as easily grabbed the brighter hues and used more pink, orange and cream undertones. It’s important to grab lighter and darker shades, as well as an accent colour for your palette. For this palette I’m using the rusty pink as my accent and paired it with different neutrals that don’t necessarily match but go. Anyways, happy designing!

Inspiration Photo